Friday, 11 April 2014

Treacle Tart

A Treacle Tart which does not have any treacle in it! It is odd I know but what a great nostalgic teatime treat!This delicious tart's key ingredient is Golden syrup which goes back to 1879s-1880s  I believe..well why not try this fairly young British dessert?


120 gr plain flour
60 gr butter
30 gr caster sugar
1 egg


Breadcrumbs  I use 3 slice of bread
230 gr golden syrup
Grated zest from one lemon and lemon juice


  • Pre heat the oven 190C
  • For the pastry sift the flour into a ball,stir in the caster sugar and rub in the butter to breadcrumb consistency then mix in the egg,bring the dough into a ball.Place onto a floured board and roll the pastry place in your tart mold.
  • Roughly cut the bread slices into 4 and place into food processor fitted with chopping blade.Chop into breadcrumbs.
  • Into a mixing bowl place the syrup and lemon zest then fold in the breadcrumbs.Spread the mixture over the pastry base.
  • Bake at 190C approximately 25-30 minutes.

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